Giving from the Heart

St. Joseph’s General Hospital Foundation is a registered charity that’s purpose is to raise money to provide financial support to assist St. Joseph’s General Hospital in the Comox Valley, British Columbia.

Donations from the public to the Foundation are funneled into much-needed medical equipment and capital projects. We hope that through this website our friends and donors will be kept more aware of the positive effects their donations have made to the level-of-care at St. Joseph’s Hospital.


We will be changing our name, but not our spirit

The St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation will soon go through a name change, one that will reflect the growing health care system in the Comox Valley.

With the 2017 opening of the Island Health Comox Valley Hospital, the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation will expand its mandate to support both the new hospital, as well as St. Joseph’s Hospital as it goes through its transition. This means adopting a name that will embody the local healthcare system beyond St. Joseph’s Hospital.

While the Foundation will change its name and experience its own growth, it will not change its commitment or dedication to provide the Comox Valley with top-of-the-line healthcare, whether that’s through new equipment and technology, environmental upgrades or employee education.

Donations such as yours are essential to sustaining an excellent level of health care and quality of life in the Comox Valley. Together we can obtain much-needed equipment and technology that can change or improve hundreds of lives in our community, now and in the future.

As always, we are grateful for the community’s unwavering support as we all work together to provide many generations with the excellent healthcare that they deserve in the Comox Valley.

Everybody has been touched by someone who has or will need medical attention in the Comox Valley. Your generous donations can give, save or improve a life.

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